Teaching At-Risk & Struggling Children to Learn to Read



Julie Boesky:  Parent; Reading Consultant and Tutor, New York, NY.
Candice Bray, Sc.D.: Language and Literacy Consultant, Maine.
Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP:  Parent; Associate Professor, Emerita, USM School Psychology Department; Senior Academic Officer, FastBridge Learning. She served as a member of Maine’s RTI Steering Committee as well as the Maine State Literacy Team.
Phyllis E. Fischer, Ph.D.:  Professor Emerita, Learning Disabilities, University of Maine Farmington.
Andrea Frenz:  Parent, Literacy Learning Strategist, K-2 Interventionist, Woodside Elementary School, Topsham, Maine.
Wendy Gaal: Reading Specialist; Reading Tutor; Founder, Reading Matters to Maine.
Sally C. Grimes:  Reading and Learning Specialist; Founding Director, The Grimes Reading Institute, Rockport, Massachusetts.
Eileen Harris, Psy.D.: Parent;  Licensed Psychologist (Maine) and Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP); Special Education Consultant; Wilson Reading Systems Trainer.
In Memoriam: Christopher Kaufman, Ph.D.:  Parent; Director, Kaufman Psychological Services; licensed psychologist (Maine) and certified school psychology service provider (Maine). A kind and generous friend and colleague.
Alexis Kiburis, Psy.D.:  Former Director, USM SMART Learning Lab. Consulting School Psychologist and USM Adjunct Professor specializing in the areas of evidence-based reading and math instruction.
Trish Merrill: Pre-Doctoral Candidate School Psychology, USM. USM Smart Learning Lab; research interest in reading assessments and evaluations.
Regina Phillips:  Parent; Director, Refugee Services Program, Portland; Chair, Education Committee, NAACP Portland Branch.
Jennie Smith-Brock: Parent; Former Director, USM SMART Learning Lab; Special Education Resource Room teacher; private reading consultant.  
Kate Williams-Hewitt: Parent; Lead Teacher at The Children’s Nursery School; Former Cape Elizabeth School Committee member.
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