Teaching At-Risk & Struggling Children to Learn to Read

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Before you take this quiz,

what do you recall about how you learned to read?

What do you know about how we learn to read?

Take this quiz and find out!


Why don't most of us remember accurately how we learned to read?


Learn why.

Professional Development

Reading Matters to Maine's Conversations about Reading are available as free, professional development modules.  Each module includes a study guide and a mastery quiz. Learn more


Tuesday, September 27, 2016. RMTM's Annual Conversation about Reading at USM. Phonemic Awareness: The Impact on Learning to Read and to Any Age! Presented by Candice Bray, Sc.D. Learn more..

News & Updates

NY Times. July 20, 2016. Updated brain map identifies nearly 100 new regions of the brain. Read more
The Hechinger Report: Three ways to help end the disconnect between preK & early elementary option piece by Alyssa Auck, 7.21.16 Read more

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