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NOTE: Until December 2021, the Reading Matters to Maine website will consist only of this revised homepage that now includes a brief list of current resources that will be updated during 2021. Then the website will be deleted. There are now, fortunately, more current (and future!) resources about the science of the reading brain, evidence-aligned reading instruction as well as professional development for all.

May the force of the science of the reading brain be with you!


Wendy Gaal

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Emily Hanford

American Public Media, Senior Producer and Correspondent

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Hard Words: What the Words Say

Many kids struggle with reading – and children of color are far less likely to get the help they need. This is the also the case for many children.

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At a Loss for Words: How a Flawed Idea is Teaching Millions of Kids to Be Poor Readers

For many decades, schools have taught children to read by strategies that cognitive scientists have repeatedly debunked. Many educators and parents don't know that this teaching is why their children are not learning to read.

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The Reading League

As stated by the organization, their mission is to build a knowledge base among education professionals about the scientific research findings regarding learning to read and apply the findings to teaching reading. The organization sponsors an annual convention and, in November of 2020, a virtual one. During this conference, The Reading League announced the creation of a new TRL podcast: Teaching Reading and Learning.

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The Reading League Journal

The Reading League Journal is a peer-reviewed publication written and edited by both educators and researchers. The journal focuses on leveraging the scientific evidence to improve teacher instruction as well as the instruction of children learning to read. The journal is published three times a year. Each issue has a theme, such as demystifying the science of reading, the simple view of reading, and the report of the National Reading Panel: 20 Years Later (featuring updates on all subgroup reports).

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Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science, 2020:

What Expert Teachers of Reading Should Know and Be Able to Do

Louisa Moats, Ed.D. has updated her 1999 foundational report and reviews the current reading research and enlarges the knowledge base that is essential for teacher candidates and practicing teachers to master if they are to be successful in teaching all children to read well. Supported by the American Federation of Teachers.

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