Teaching At-Risk & Struggling Children to Learn to Read

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Why 3rd?

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Before you take this quiz,

what do you recall about how you learned to read?

What do you know about how we learn to read?

Take this quiz and find out!


Why don't most of us remember accurately how we learned to read?


Learn why.

Professional Development

Learn about annual RMTM scholarship awards to USM, UMF, and UM for evidence-based reading instruction courses. Read More
See also USM SMART Learning Lab professional development opportunities. Read More


Watch for video of April 26 Conversation about Reading presented by Candice Bray: Oral Language Development and Its Impact on Learning to Read.  Summer 2016.

News & Updates

Learn about the USM SMART Learning Lab, which provides free or low-cost evidence-based reading instruction for K-5 struggling students as well as professional development for teachers and ed techs.     Read more.  See the video.

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