Teaching At-Risk & Struggling Children to Learn to Read

Teacher Preparation


From Dr. Reid Lyon’s 1998 testimony:

“…Most teachers receive little formal instruction in reading development and disorders during either undergraduate and/or graduate studies, with the average teacher completing only two reading courses… At present, motivated teachers are often left to obtain specific skills in teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, and comprehension on their own by seeking out workshops or specialized instructional manuals.”

Watch Reading Matters to Maine’s public service announcement  The Children of Maine Are Smart, The Teachers of Maine Are Smart to learn what students and teachers need.   Video

Read the 2014 National Council of Teacher Quality 2014 Prep Review. 

Maine’s score for effective teacher preparation has increased to a C-.  However, this is not sufficient to teach all Maine children to learn to read.  Read an analysis of many of the nation’s teacher preparation programs, including Maine’s.

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